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Nervous about a job interview? 5 tips for projecting confidence

By Sarah Owens on 03.08.17 in Your Job Search

Interviews are a rather polarising experience. A lot of us raise our game and discover a level of confidence we were previously unaware of, while some succumb to feelings of dread and anxiety; able only to project a fraction of their full capability.

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The 5 personality traits that will get you hired

By Sarah Bloomfield on 20.07.17 in Your Job Search

Building a team that gels together is a tricky task which eludes many business leaders and managers. It's relatively easy to recruit and throw together a bunch of high-performing individuals without regard to their different personality types, but this can often lead to internal discord and division later down the line.

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10 killer questions to ask your interviewer

By Sarah Owens on 22.06.17 in Your Job Search

Interviews are just as much about asking the right questions as they are about answering them. Not only do they have the obvious benefits of making you look well-prepared and keen but they can also help you take control of the process, thus overcoming nerves.

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Make campaigning great again

By Becky Postlethwaite on 08.06.17 in News

Most of us have been involved with our fair share of bad campaigns. A few people would argue that there’s a couple taking place right now, concluding with the general election this Thursday.

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Breaking Into Planning

By Sarah Owens on 25.05.17 in Your Career

I’ve been talking to quite a few candidates recently who’d like to move into a planning role. I was going to write a blog with some advice, but actually, Max Richards, who’s made the move successfully has done this brilliantly. Here’s his blog on the subject.

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