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Attracting the best

By on 30.04.13 in Attracting Talent

I attended a client briefing recently where a bunch of us recruiters were introduced to the Learning and Development Manager who was responsible for the induction of new joiners and overseeing the early stages of their personal development plans. Clearly this high profile media organisation takes its commitment to professional development of their staff seriously. This certainly translates into making commercial sense, and, in my experience, candidates we place here are loyal and feel valued.

The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to work for makes equally interesting reading. The employees in all the organisations listed feel they are in dynamic and fulfilling places to work, where their contribution is valued and makes a difference. The levels of workplace engagement required to make the grade as a 'best company to work for' are high, but bring significant business benefits. The firms included in the list leverage their employee engagement into solid success, both in the UK and on the global stage.

The relationship with prospective employees clearly starts way before they have become fully signed up members of your team. The value of your employer brand cannot be underestimated in any recruitment market, and even more so as social media and increased digital exposure means it's so easy for applicants to research your business.

So how can you help us ensure we are supporting all your hard work to be perceived as the place everyone wants to work?

  • Provide a clear briefing with detailed job description and person specification so that your recruiters can brief candidates effectively
  • Conduct a detailed and thorough recruitment process that isn't excessively time consuming or protracted for candidates
  • Offer constructive feedback on CVs even if you don't want to meet the candidates
  • Supply timely and practical input to the candidates who aren't successful at interview stage
  • Ensure you impart the enthusiasm for your business and the future opportunities that your position holds

Getting it right from the start is invaluable for employers and employees alike. It's just brilliant when it all works out, and makes real commercial sense too.