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Introducing Boma!

By on 08.04.13 in News

I'd like to introduce you to Boma Hart, the latest addition to the Direct Recruitment team. Boma has joined us to take the helm on the Creative, Project Management and New Business desk while I'm on maternity leave - exciting times for us all!

Boma has a background in marketing and communications recruitment, and prior to that she worked with NABS where she was heavily involved with the careers team covering various coaching needs; from building confidence, communication and influencing skills, to motivation and self-belief. So, as you'll see, she's of good pedigree.

She's been with us for a few weeks now, so has settled in and, most importantly, got the hang of the tea round. I'll be around until the 24th April, so feel free to drop either I or Boma a line until that point should you wish to discuss roles in Creative, Project Management and New Business.

All Boma's contact details can be found here.