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Redundant or a fresh and new opportunity?

By on 03.04.13 in Your Career

During the 24 years I've enjoyed working in recruitment I've witnessed lots of highs and lows that have changed the face of our industry.  The lows are never easy and usually coincide with national and global economic recession which, among other things, results in a great many very good people being faced with the unexpected and very scary prospect of redundancy.  I've always hated the word "redundant" as it carries with it such negative connotations and a general sense of being left out on a limb but added to this I'd say that, in 9 out of 10 cases of those people I meet who have been affected, the actual experience of being made redundant was significantly worsened by the manner in which they were informed and the procedure was handled thereafter. 

I've lost count or the people I've met whose confidence and sense of self- worth have taken such a knocking post redundancy and who have been made to feel ostracised and uncomfortable prior to their eventual departure that the prospect of moving on can seem totally out of reach.  Being told that your job no longer exists and your expertise not required would make anyone question themself and create self-doubt and, sadly, in lots of cases, it can also take its toll in terms of how one presents oneself and is perceived at interview once the dust has cleared.

So my advice to employers, for whom I know that making people redundant is not a managerial responsibility you relish, would be to be open and honest as to why the person's role is being made redundant, let them know where you think their skills lie and that their contribution has been valued.  In addition, make it clear that you have an "open door" policy and a duty of care to listen, advise and make positive career development suggestions throughout the time that they remain in your employ.

And for those of you out there who have been or are about to be made redundant, try to think of this as a fresh start and your chance to do something new, exciting and maybe different now. Oh and find yourself a good recruitment partner who will give you an objective opinion about your CV, your skills and where you might add value next.  Speaking of which, we'd love to hear from you.