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Why talking to a good recruiter can be far better than going direct.

By Sarah Owens on 10.04.13 in Your Job Search

It used to be easy, didn't it?  You wanted to move jobs, so you'd simply look at the marketing job boards and apply to the recruiter with the jobs you liked best.  Now though, there's a difference.  Not only are recruiters advertising, but there are more agencies and companies advertising direct.  So you have a choice:  recruiter? or go direct? 

You may be tempted to go direct is better because it cuts out the middle man and gets your CV in front of the decision maker quicker.  However, there are several things you might like to consider before you send your CV directly:

1        Do you want to have a choice?

You may think that the role looks just perfect for you however, in my experience, the better you are at your job, the more choice of roles you could have.  Apply direct and you'll not get the same range of choice as with a good recruiter.  And because we work with a range of clients, we know who's on the up, and who you might want to view with caution.

2        A good recruiter will help you identify what you're good at and present you                 in the best way possible

When someone comes to see me about a role, I spend a lot of time talking to them and helping to identify their skills and their strengths.   I'll work with them to make sure that I present them to my clients in a way that highlights what they can bring to the role.  These are the CVs that stand out and get read by decision makers.

3        We'll help you make the right match

Because we're experts in recruitmentconsultancywe'll listen to you and find out what you're looking for from your next role, both in career and culture terms. We'll advise you on where we feel your skills will fit best, identify the right level of role and give you impartial salary advice.  I've even helped people change direction into a role which they've found far more satisfying than the one they were doing. 

4        And you'll get our endorsement

An experienced professional recruiter will be trusted by their clients.  In a crowded marketplace this can make the difference between being seen for interview or not.

So, while the choice of representation is ultimately with you, the candidate, I really want to encourage you to make the right decision, and ensure that the route you choose to go down is the right path for you.