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To temp or not temp………

By on 20.08.13 in Your Job Search

To temp or not temp……… 

With today's economy still in a turbulent state, many businesses are turning to temporary employees to avoid permanent headcount costs. This increased need for a flexible workforce means that now could be a very good time to consider temp or contract work. Temping can be a good career choice, but where do you start, and what are the benefits?

We have listed below our top 5 things to consider before starting temp work…

 Understand the market

Firstly we recommend registering with a specialist recruitment consultancy such as Direct Recruitment which deals in this area to benefit from its experience and contacts.

Know your rights

Your recruiter will also help explain your rights as dictated by the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) - this means upon satisfying the AWR criteria you could be afforded the same rights in relation to pay, overtime, holiday, and pensions (amongst others) as your permanent counterparts.

 Grow your network

And whether you're aiming to fit work around your studies, your family, or simply get on the job ladder, temping not only allows you to network and make contacts with a wide range of professionals in a short space of time, it can also offer you exposure to a variety of industries and skills. It can also be a great way to help decide what exact role and type of organisation suits you best.

Expand your skill set

As you complete various assignments you will quickly add to your skill set and can in fact progress up the career ladder in a relatively short space of time.

Get paid more

As you progress further in the temporary market, the pay can be far more lucrative than if you were doing the same type of work on a permanent basis. Certainly within specialist fields, professionals can command lucrative rates and have their choice of assignment. As a result, contractors can often pick and choose when their next assignment will be and whether they wish to take a career break without the risk of slipping into the long term unemployed category.

There's no doubt that embarking on temporary employment can be daunting to those who have not done so before. Yet there are many benefits to be had so it is perhaps wise to explore this route before ruling it out completely. If you'd like to register for freelance opportunities or would like help in filling some freelance role then contact us at www.direct-recruitment.co.uk

Good luck!