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CVs: It's in the presentation

By on 26.02.13 in Your Job Search

While this post may be more geared towards my creative candidates, I'm pretty certain that there are some thoughts in here which will be helpful to all our candidates.

So, I'd like you to take a moment and picture a future employer receiving and reading your CV… What expression is on their face? Is it confusion? Chances are it might be. I see an awful lot of CVs every day, and more often than not they're a little tricky to either understand or to read. It's generally down to the way they are designed, believe me it varies drastically; fonts, colours, layout, images, content…

I would like you to really carefully consider your approach to your CV. As a creative thinker who needs to represent themselves on paper this a wonderful opportunity to sell yourself and truly demonstrate your talent.

It's a chance for copywriters to show their ability to craft words (and also spot spelling mistakes). And it's an opportunity for designers and art directors to show how they can create a visually arresting piece of work.

However, while it is a blank canvas, please do remember that it is still a very functional piece of communication so needs to be clear and easily digestible. Get your CV right and you're one step closer to an interview!

If you're unsure about what information you should include on your CV, check out our CV tips page here

Revisit your CV now, view it through the eyes of a future employer and try to see it from their perspective. And just in case there is any confusion - yellow copy on white paper will never work.