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Help yourself to the job of your dreams

By on 22.02.13 in Your Job Search

I'm delighted to be able to report that things are really ramping up on the client side. We've had some lovely roles to work on that really span the breadth of the areas we cover - some classic DM campaign management roles, senior digital positions, eCRM and loyalty roles and of course integrated direct and digital roles where clients are looking for classic DM intelligence (a focus on ROI) across print and digital media.

All this means we need great candidates who are able to really shine in a competitive employment market place. Typically our clients are looking for:

  • Classic direct marketing skills
  • An ability to manage campaigns from concept through execution to analysis
  • Experience in creative briefing, working with external suppliers and agencies and critiquing concepts
  • An understanding of data and segmentation or how best to target acquisition strategies
  • An awareness of ROI, not just of response.

So if you have all these skills, what can you do to help us get you the job of your dreams? Believe us, we really want to find applicants who meet our clients' exacting requirements.

  • Write a strong CV. Include all relevant information for the job you are applying for and highlight and quantify your successes and achievements. Ensure you focus on skills that are relevant to the role you are applying for.
  • Consider the recency of your relevant experience. Clients are less interested in your experience from 14 years ago, so make sure that if you have more recent CRM expertise for example, you highlight it and make it easy to find. A tiny bullet at the end of page 3 is less likely to be picked up on!
  • Keep a record of the roles you apply for and where you send your CV. We receive a lot of applications and we really want to ensure we are focusing our efforts on finding the right role for you, not reconsidering your 17th application for the same role.
  • Be available. Keep your phone on and answer it! If we have the ideal role for you, we want to make sure our client sees your perfect CV before they hire someone else! They are usually in a hurry to hire so speed is of the essence. 
  • Be flexible and accommodating with your availability for interview. Clients want to see you are keen on their role; if you look like you are making it complicated to arrange an initial meeting, they will be less well-disposed from the start.
  • Trust your recruiter. We do know what we are doing. And if you trust them and they don't know what they are doing, find a better one!