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Getting your foot on the ladder

By on 04.01.13 in Your Job Search

It's always incredible when I advertise a junior role as, without fail, I get a huge response - somewhere in the region of ten times the volume of applicants for a middleweight or senior role. That said, the number of those applicants who would get a foot in the door of an agency for an interview is quite slim.

With the vast numbers of juniors looking for roles, you need to make sure you stand out over and above the other applicants. Here are some ideas of how to make sure you get noticed…

Get some work experience

Employers simply love you to have some industry experience. It not only shows your dedication to working in the industry, but also gives them the reassurance that you know what you're getting yourself into and won't leave to become a policeman after the first month.

Shape up your CV

While CVs come in all shapes and sizes, it's important that you make sure all the key information is included. Take a look at our CV writing tips if you need some pointers.

Share your portfolio

If you're looking for a creative role, then you need to show us that you can be creative. Create an online portfolio which showcases your college/university work, freelance jobs, as well as projects you've completed in your own time.

Look in to graduate schemes

Many agencies run graduate schemes, and these are a fantastic way of getting into the industry. You'll often get to experience all areas of the business - from planning, to account handling, to creative - so you can really find your dream role. 

I'm not saying it's easy, but with a bit of hard work and creativity you can find a role to suit you.