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Where have all the good ones gone?

By on 24.07.13 in Your Job Search

I'm pretty sure it's not just the weather - as our issues finding great candidates who meet our job spec requirements pre-date the mini-heatwave - but it seems to be increasingly difficult to source well qualified applicants for really exciting roles. 

We advertise all our roles, spread the word on LinkedIn, blog, Tweet and all that funky stuff. We even pick up the telephone and talk to people in that really old fashioned yet strangely effective way. And we've had some great roles, super challenging with great remits within really exciting and fast moving sectors. Roles with potential for progression, international travel, development opportunities.

But we're just not getting the candidates we'd like. Applicants who tick the boxes, have all the requirements to meet the job descriptions and even have a visa.   

So where are you all? Perhaps it's that other climate - the economic one - which makes people nervous about changing jobs. Maybe everyone is settled, loving their current roles which pay them really well and which they find stimulating and fulfilling. Maybe everyone has been in the park, "working from home" within reach of their Wifi. We'd love to know where you've been and we'd love to hear from you. 

But maybe now the sun's gone back in, you'll come out to play…