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Swift and streamlined wins the race!

By on 07.06.13 in Attracting Talent

Contrary to popular belief among hiring managers right now, it is definitely not a buyer's market. In our experience here at Direct Recruitment job seekers with the right pedigree, while they may be far fewer that we'd like, are highly sought after and hold all the cards.  This is especially true of particular skills short disciplines such as data/digital/social analytics for example. So, it's been rather a surprise to find that internal recruitment processes are seemingly becoming more cautious, complex and protracted rather than faster and nimbler in order to nab the best candidates first.

There are some exceptions but, for the most part, gone are the days when, from first interview to offer, it's all over within 3 -4 weeks. I do realise in market conditions such as these, when hiring budgets are tighter than ever, that only THE perfect candidate will do but that shouldn't mean they - and their recruitment consultancy partner - should wait 3 or 4 weeks to hear if they might be shortlisted for interview (longer in some cases) and if they aren't, why that might be.  It doesn't stop here though. Sadly, even in cases where people are selected for interview it's proving ever more difficult to provide them with constructive feedback on their performance.

I'm not sure why this is but it does reflect very badly on a company's brand and image (do remember that word of mouth is very powerful and if candidates have a bad recruitment experience they will tell their friends) and put simply, it's bad manners.  So, if you are desperate to find the right people, and NOW, remember that being swift, open and honest with your recruiters and the candidates to whom they introduce you will ensure that you are ahead of the pack and bag the best people first.