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You do have a choice

By on 25.06.13 in Your Career

I've been working with a really good planning candidate, but I've been puzzled that they've rejected a couple of what I see as very good briefs.  They don't feel the roles are right for them and don't want to be introduced to the agencies in question.  Unusually this isn't someone I've met myself, but it's someone I've inherited from an ex colleague, so I don't have my own detailed interview notes to work from. 

The penny finally dropped this morning when I realised that I really needed more information.  One of our first principles at Direct Recruitment is to listen to the candidate and work with them to understand exactly what he/she wants to do next. It's so important, because if we don't know what you're looking for, how can we hope to find it for you?  And when we do have that understanding, we can combine it with the knowledge we've gained from meeting and talking to you to make that perfect match between your skills and the job that's just right for you.

So it's worth remembering that you do have a choice.  Especially with so many recruiters now approaching people direct or via LinkedIn and effectively 'selling'  jobs. The next step in your career should be on your brief and a good recruiter will understand this and help you work to achieve your goals as far as is possible in the marketplace.

So going back to my candidate, I've fixed to have a proper chat to them first hand to understand precisely what they're looking for.  Then I'll have all the information I need to do a really good job and find them their perfect role.