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Networking really can be fun

By on 01.03.13 in Your Job Search

I know from talking to a lot of you out there who are data and CRM specialist that you sometimes feel a little left out when it comes to recognition for all your hard work. Let's face it, it's really only very recently - the last 8 years or so - that you have had the opportunity to be invited to the party and even win awards at " dos" specific to you and what you do such as The Data Strategy Awards.

Even these can be out of reach these days though with entertainment budgets becoming smaller and smaller so, I just wanted to let you all know about networking group, Marketing Hybrid, that was set up by two brothers, Bede and Tim Feltham, both of whom work in data and CRM and who recognised the need for ideas sharing a regular gathering and a way to meet and have a drink with like-minded people.  The group now has over 600 members, which is far too few given how many of you out there actually make your living from data analysis, insight, management, planning and CRM, and we meet one evening every quarter. There's even an off shoot in New York and one in Sydney now too.

Don't be scared, it's  never a formal affair with name badges and a speaker but rather a social get together, usually in a central London watering hole, where we all catch up on the latest industry hot topics as well as what each of us has been up to personally since we last met.  Everyone is welcomed, it's a great place to meet new contacts and old and new friends and the drinks are free! Oh and it's not exclusive to data, anyone is welcome.

You can join the group and find out about all the activities and current discussions via Linked in or turn up at the next event on the evening of 7th March at The Refinery and Acxiom are very kindly sponsoring the evening: http://marketinghybrid.net/EventinLondon.htm

See you there.