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Candidates need a reason to move jobs

By on 31.05.13 in Attracting Talent

With the national press continuing to paint a picture of economic gloom, there is naturally some hesitation amongst our candidates to jump ship and lose any long-term job security they have. With this in mind we're finding that candidates need more and more reassurance that the role they're moving to offers benefits far beyond their current role.

We're not just talking salary (although that of course has a huge influence), but candidates are looking for their new employer to offer training opportunities, strong soft benefits, interesting work and career development as part of their basic package. If candidates can't tick these boxes it's difficult for them to see enough reasons to give up the security of a role they've held for several years.

As one of our clients, we urge you to bear this in mind when hiring a new team member - provide them with a reason to join your company, and show them how they will be able to develop their career in the long-term.

If you need advice when compiling an attractive offering for future employees give us a call and we will gladly provide you with the latest industry insight so you can be as competitive as possible.