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It's skill-short in the mid-weight

By on 31.05.13 in Your Job Search

We're finding that the number of mid-weight candidates out there is particularly lacking at present; no doubt a reflection of the industry and the impact the recession has had on it. With budgets being cut over the last few years there has been no allowance for graduate/junior training, and we're now really seeing the impact this has had on the mid-level candidates.

As an employer you can do your bit to help by hiring juniors and teaching them the ropes. Yes, it's more work for you to train them up in the outset, but the long-term rewards are endless and we need to ensure our industry continues to grow and develop with the energy, enthusiasm and insights that new talent brings.

Alternatively, look at candidates with the right transferrable skills from a different background; if you're an agency consider a clientsider, or perhaps you could consider someone with experience in a different industry sector. Replacing like-for-like is not always the best option in our opinion.