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By on 19.11.13 in Your Job Search

I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to hiring managers to hear me saying that it's still quite tough out there and that there's a woeful lack of good candidates on the job market. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I've never known it to be as hard to find candidates who want to make a move and who have the requisite skills and experience.  It's clear from talking to  Hiring Managers and Job seekers that both are adopting a highly cautious and, at times, extremely prescriptive approach. The result of all this being, that jobs are, seemingly, hanging around unfilled for ages and candidates waiting around just as long for the perfect role to pop up.  So, I thought you might be interested in a little round up of insider information based on the recent conversations I've had with my candidates past and present in the hope that it might give you a steer as to why this is and maybe how the situation could be remedied.

The main reasons cited by candidates for leaving their current role are:

Lack of head room for personal growth or further career development in their current role

  1. No resource/budget for training
  2. With head count freezes in place, having to do their own job as well as cover for people (with no additional financial reward) who have left and are not likely to be replaced.
  3. No pay rise or benefits review for the last two or three years - at least!

It's interesting to note that candidates are declining jobs offered because of points 1 & 2 - who wants to swap what they've got for more of the same?- plus the fact that some of the salary increments being offered by clients in this market simply aren't  incentive enough to make a move. 

On the subject of salaries, I do believe that they're particularly low right now, particularly in the very skills short insight and analysis sector.  I realise why, of course I do, but if your salary budget is restricted, why not lower your expectations (some briefs we're seeing are not so much job descriptions as they are long wish lists) and consider someone a bit less experienced who has some of what you're looking for, the right attitude, is mad keen to learn and invest in training them?  It's just an idea but I really believe it could work for you in the long run.

If you'd like to chat about this some more or have any other questions about recruitment that are particular to you and think I might be able to help, please do give me a call or drop me an e mail today.


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