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Are you a Social Butterfly?

By on 08.10.13 in News

It's interesting to see that Facebook has just launched an add-on to help job recruiters hunt down prospective candidates. Over the last couple of years, recruitment through social media has increased exponentially and certainly posting jobs on LinkedIn and tweeting about them should be delivering stacks of CVs straight to the hiring managers. It's also enabling recruiters to go out and find candidates who look like they might be able to do the job.

But the problem is just that: they might. But they might not. They might be actively looking for a new job, but they might not. They might have the personality that fits with your business culture, but they might not. They might have salary expectations that fit within your budget, but they might not.

We are finding that people still do like it the old fashioned way. They do like to talk to people, actually pick up the phone and discuss their needs in detail. They do like to see CVs from applicants they know are actively looking for a new role, who have all the core skills and competencies they need, with the potential to add real incremental value. Applicants who are well motivated and fit culturally.

And that's where we can help. We meet our candidates, interview them in depth and find out all about them. We will know exactly what makes them tick, their individual qualities, expectations and personalities. We will know if they can do everything their CV (and LinkedIn profile) says they can. People can do that. Social media can't.