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Catch 22 - ready for a new job but too busy and stressed at work to find one?

By on 09.04.14 in Your Job Search

I have a number of candidates who are in a tricky situation at the moment.  Feeling overworked, underpaid and stressed out by long hours and increased pressure, they are more than ready for a fresh start and a new challenge.  And yet when I contact them about an exciting new opportunity it can take them days or even weeks to respond, by which time they may well have missed the boat.  The reason: well work of course!  They're simply too busy to give the job search the time and attention it needs.

So what's the answer?  Well, I think a solution is not to look at your job search as an additional pressure that needs to be tagged on after all the other priorities.  This is your career, your future and ultimately your happiness - surely this should be at the top of your priority list? 

It's time to start considering yourself as we do - as a key client.  We are here to help you so help us to help make your life easier:

Make sure your CV is up to date and that your recruiter has a copy of the most recent version.

Make a spreadsheet so you can keep track of where your details are being sent. 

Check your voicemail and personal email regularly - Understandably it's not always possible to answer your phone at work but if your recruiter contacts you about a new opportunity then respond promptly - it's all about timing.

When you're invited for interview make sure you take time to read the brief and research the employer.  Feel free to talk through the brief with your recruiter and ask questions - it's what we're here for.  We have good relationships with our clients and can usually give you insights into the culture and personality of the agency and the personal attributes that make you right for the role.

Make sure you allow ample time for interviews - ideally you need a bit of breathing space before an interview to gather your thoughts, so try to avoid shoe-horning an interview into a busy working day if you can, or at least try to give yourself an extra 15 minutes prior for a sit down and a cuppa in a nearby coffee shop so you don't feel rushed and you can mentally prepare.

Ultimately your skills in building relationships with people, being super organised and prioritising your workload are what make you a great account handler - so put those to good use in your job search and we'll help you to land that fantastic new job in no time!