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Why you should talk to us now for that new job in the New Year

By on 09.12.14 in Your Job Search

Yet again we are finding ourselves in that month when Christmas is fast approaching and for some, work will start to quieten down a little bit. In addition, this year the Christmas break spans a two week period, making this December extra short in terms of actual working days.

Many people will spend some time over the festive season thinking about finding that new job in the New Year.

However, why wait until the New Year to do something about it? Get ahead of the game and update your CV now. Sometimes recruitment can be a bit quieter throughout December, so now is the perfect time to send us your updated CV so you're ready for the New Year rush when things really pick up. When it comes to your job search, time is of essence and you want to make sure that your CV gets in front of employers as soon as possible for that perfect job.

Here are some tips when updating your CV:

• Make sure that you include some recent (i.e. within the last year if possible) key achievements; both quantifiable and soft ones. How much additional business did you generate, what processes did you implement/change? Where did you add value?
• It can sometimes be difficult to identify key achievements as you do your job every day. It can be hard to take a step back and view it objectively. However, dig out your job description and look at what you're meant to be doing and compare it with what you've actually done. You might be surprised to see how much you have achieved…
• Be quite clear on what your contribution has been. It's very easy to talk about what your team has achieved, but recruiters and employers would also like to understand exactly what role you have played in a particular key achievement.
• Once you have identified key achievements, be prepared to talk about them with your recruiter and during a job interview. Was the achievement a result of an opportunity that you pro-actively spotted? Did you work on a special project? Did you have to step up and cover for someone who was off work for a long time? Don't be afraid of selling yourself and demonstrate where you have added real value.
• Have you received any anecdotal feedback and/or references from senior and influential people? If so, shout about it! It's something to be proud of and it will make you more attractive to potential employers!
• Also make sure you separate your responsibilities from your key achievements; many candidates tend to get these mixed up. The responsibilities are linked to your job description and what's expected of you, whereas key achievements as mentioned above are examples of where you have gone the extra mile and made a difference.
• Finally, you want your CV to be easily read so that recruiters and employers can quickly get a sense of what you have to offer. So rather than writing a long winded essay, bullet point as much as you can.

So don't procrastinate and set some time aside during the festive season to make your CV attractive for that perfect job. We have a section on our website with more information on how to prepare your CV including a CV template, as well interview tips. You can also submit your CV here:


We look forward to hearing from you!

Finally, from all of us here at Direct Recruitment, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!