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How flexible are you?

By on 12.11.14 in Your Career

It was interesting that yesterday Boris announced a reduction in the cap on daily fares for Pay As You Go oyster customers from January 2015 to help part-time workers. I say interesting but in fact I'm delighted as I work part-time and currently my 3 day a week PAYG commute costs fractionally less a month than it would if I bought a monthly travel card.

Apparently 600,000 Londoners work part-time now, and whilst there are a multitude of reasons (not least what's available in some sectors), it certainly doesn't seem that way in my line of work.

I have plenty of candidates looking for new and challenging part-time or flexible direct and digital marketing roles at the moment. Many of them are women it's true, but it was refreshing when a male candidate recently told me that he worked 2 days a week from home so that he could pick up and drop off his kids, and that not being able to do this in any new role would be a deal breaker for him. He's certainly an excellent candidate as well, very successful in his role and clearly highly effective.

Sadly I wasn't able to place him as his existing company offered a new role created for him, to guarantee his expertise was kept in the business. And of course he retained his 2 days a week working from home.

Barclays has recently launched a 12 month "dynamic working" campaign, with Philip Freehorn, Head of Operations and Technology at their Investment Bank, highlighting their objective to foster a culture where "flexible working is recognised, appreciated and valued." A report compiled by McKinsey last year found that agile working practices offered benefits equivalent to 3%-13% of workforce costs. Regus has conducted some research which concluded that 81% of managers polled cited positive effects of flexible working on productivity.

Despite all this, I'm not working on a single vacancy at the moment where part-time or flexible working is proactively sought or encouraged. If you are looking for excellent direct or digital marketers who are highly motivated and can deliver, and you are open to part-time or flexible working, I'd love to hear from you! I'm sure I'll be able to help.