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Direct mail on the increase!

By on 24.09.14 in News

I enjoyed the article inMarketing Weekthis week highlighting that Next is reintroducing direct mail after a 7 year hiatus. And in fact an Advertising Association/WARC report anticipates a growth in the channel in 2015. I'm always delighted to read about this, because direct mail is just such a classic. I love the measurability of direct response and direct mail in particular can be such an effective and emotive medium.

Obviously digital channels are highly measurable and frequently measured pretty much in real time, and there is plenty of opportunity to optimise and maximise response. I love interviewing digital candidates and the way it keeps me on my toes - and sometimes it does feel as if every digital candidate I interview is working with a brand new platform, technology or channel - and the trends and developments in this arena are so exciting.

But when I interview candidates with solid direct mail experience, who have been trained in one of the old school direct mail businesses, I know that usually I'm getting a candidate who will be able to find out what's working and what isn't, tweak and amend to deliver results and make a real impact to a business.

Digital channels are fast-paced, exciting, challenging, technologically mind bending and brilliant, but they are using the exact same principles as direct mail. A combination of all of these skills makes you eminently employable in today's market. Hurrah for more mail I say.