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Tips to combat interview fatigue and secure the job you want

By Sarah Bloomfield on 17.02.15 in Your Job Search

Finding a new job can be such hard work can't it?  Not only to do you have to construct a winning CV and then wade through the plethora of vacancies, but you then have to invent a million excuses to get away from work for interviews

It's exhausting! 

This said, if you're truly committed to making that important next move then you do have to have a plan and put in the hard graft. Not only that, you do also have to make every effort to remain upbeat and enthusiastic and not to let your fatigue show.

It will be worth it!  

My pointers that might help anyone job hunting right now include:

• Be committed to your job search.

• Make time to review your career and put together a winning CV - check out our website for tips

• Be considered in your choices and don't apply for anything and everything just because the salary offered looks good.

• Plan ahead, make time for interviews and do your research - I know that this is not always easy when you're currently in a busy job, but there is absolutely no point in going if you turn up late, rushed, stressed or under prepared. The interviewer can always tell and it will be a waste of your time.

• Give due consideration to your suitability for the roles and companies for which you're being interviewed so that when you're asked, "So why do you want to work for us?" you have a well-constructed and credible response.

• Check the job spec and ensure you can demonstrate examples of your relevant experience.  Ideally rehearse by articulating your responses to potential questions in your head before you get there.

• Stay calm and focus!  All too often we hear from clients that interviewees appeared to be distracted and that answers to questions asked were rambling and vague.

• Be positive and confident and think about your unique skills and what it is about you that might make any company want you on board - remember it's a two way- street, the company wants to hire as much as you want to be hired.

• Don't be shy about letting the client know you are interested in the role, and asking for feedback at the end of the interview.

• Let your natural passion, enthusiasm and personality shine through. So often companies hire people they genuinely like and can see themselves working with. 

Remember this and good luck to all you job hunters out there. 

Of course if you need any advice on CV preparation, potential interview questions and how to secure the job of your dreams we are always here to help and guide you through the process - it will be worth it!  

For tips on writing a great CV check out our guide here -