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"Almost everything that is great has been done by youth" - Benjamin Disraeli

By on 23.07.15 in Your Career

According to the Office for National Statistics, unemployment amongst 16 - 24 year olds is 16.1% - compared to an overall rate of 5.5%. And we hear a lot about the indolence of our graduates looking for work today - the millennials with that sense of entitlement that the job of their dreams really will just drop into their laps.  

Many post their limited work experience details on LinkedIn, don't prepare a CV and just wait for employers to seek them out. In this increasing age of talent sourcing I can see their point, but initiative, ambition and resourcefulness are frequently cited as traits employers are looking for so a little more proactivity will do no harm. I have to say I am frequently frustrated by the lack of response to my calls when applicants do send in their CVS or have no idea what role they have applied for when I do speak to them.  

But there are plenty of exceptions to this perception. I know there are a huge number of graduates who are making massive efforts to find that elusive first step on the ladder. I was really interested to read about the graduate who has won the chance to become the CEO of Adecco UK & Ireland for a month, as part of their 'CEO for One Month' initiative, which aims to tackle youth unemployment issues. As a nation, we have just elected our youngest ever MP who at 20 managed to get a First in her degree whilst running for Parliament. And this week I interviewed a brilliant and hugely successful Marketing Director in a global role, who is still in her 20s.

So it's not all doom and gloom. Let's have faith in the next generation - they are and will define our future.