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How to annoy your recruiter

By on 10.06.15 in Your Job Search

As recruiters we see candidates from all walks of life and we get to meet some really interesting characters. Majority of them are nothing but delightful and also very good at what they do, and it's an absolute pleasure to interview them! The icing on the cake is then being able to pick up the phone to tell a candidate they have been offered their dream job - that's what makes our job so rewarding.

However, then there's the flip side. Here are 8 examples of when candidates make a recruiter roll their eyes to the back of their heads:

• The candidate opens up their bag during an interview, says 'Oh my God, I'm so hungry', grabs a chocolate bar and starts eating it! And not offering to share of course…
• They wear so much aftershave or perfume that there is nearly a hole in the ozone layer above us….
• Or equally bad; they walk into the room just having smoked either 20 cigarettes or even a cigar and then showered themselves in fragrance in an attempt to cover the cigarette smell! Not a good combination - it (literally) leaves a bad taste in the recruiter's mouth…
• They look like they've just rolled out of bed 5 mins prior to our meeting. They're meant to be looking for a marketing job - not auditioning for a rock band….
• They talk AT the recruiter and not TO the recruiter and we can barely get a word in. We understand that they want to make a good impression and talk about (literally) everything they've done. But sometimes less is more so give the recruiter the short version, listen to the questions and stay on topic….
• Believe it or not, but we've seen candidates who actually have refused to discuss certain aspects of their CV. Kind of makes it tad more difficult for the recruiter to find them a job when we don't know what they've been up to….
• They believe they are the best thing since slices bread. Now, there is nothing wrong about being confident - in fact, that's quite a good thing! However, when it borders on being plain arrogant it's quite off-putting and the recruiter will probably have reservations putting you forward for jobs…
• Answering their phone or checking texts during the interview. If you are expecting an urgent call, just let the recruiter know and it's not a problem at all. But talking to your best friend about where to meet for a drink is maybe not such a good idea… 

A good first impression is imperative when looking for a new job. Make sure the recruiter has a good one of you as they will find it so much easier finding you a job.