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I love CRM!

By on 14.05.15 in Your Career

It's a great time to work in CRM at the moment. I've always enjoyed working on these roles, as candidates with expertise in this space do genuinely seem to have real passion for what they do. Whether it's being so close to the customer and being able to deliver truly relevant messaging and offers, or the fact the campaigns are so measurable so successes can be tracked and optimised and learnings continuously applied, it's a sector that is fulfilling, interesting and constantly evolving. I've loved hearing about tiny tweaks and tests and the resulting increase in response that the implementation of these learnings can deliver. And I've enjoyed watching the sector evolve - remember when we thought a personalised offer based on previous purchases on your statement was the height of sophistication - to where we are now with a real expectation from consumers of personalised targeted content delivered across a multitude of channels not to mention devices! 

It's certainly one of the active areas in recruitment here at the moment. I'm currently working on a couple of really interesting and diverse CRM roles; one is for a mail order company really driving value from their customer base with their catalogue and print activity. The other one is for an online travel brand, driving forward technological boundaries with their strategy of highly personalised triggered email communications and push notifications. Completely different roles and organisations, both harnessing the power of customer data and delivering exciting, creative campaigns that deliver on CRM targets. Frankly if I had the skills, I'd love to do either of them! 

If you're also passionate about CRM with the skills and expertise to add real value to an organisation that's delivering interesting, responsive customer communications, do send me your CV now!