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Get the best out of your recruiter!

By on 09.09.15 in Your Job Search

The last few years have seen an unwelcome shift in the way recruiters represent candidates with many skipping the basics and getting increasingly pushy in the way they deal with candidates and clients alike, trying to speed the process through.

Increasingly I hear from candidates that they've been put forward for roles that they've been poorly briefed on, haven't been interviewed for (or even met the recruiter at any stage), and have been 'encouraged' to accept offers of roles despite protestations and concerns.

Why would anyone want to work like that?  Recruitment, no matter how tough the environment, is still a people business.   If a recruiter has your interests at heart, they will want to interview you and understand not only what skills you have, but want makes you want to go to work in the morning. Without understanding you, how can they judge which is the best role or environment to introduce you to?  Although the short-sharp tactics might get you a job, they won't help build your career.

Make sure you're working with recruiters who make the time to meet, and who take an interest in what you want to do next. You'll also find that by creating a relationship and a dialogue you'll get access to a wealth of experience and career guidance whenever you want it.

Good recruiters won't push you, or expect you to make hasty decisions. They'll work with you to make sure the step you're about to take is the right one.  So if you're working with a recruiter who's being pushy, push back; It's your career - and you've got the control.