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Top tips to help you bulletproof your role

By Becky Postlethwaite on 17.11.16 in Your Career

No one has a job for life anymore nor is there really much call for one - employees like variety, but only when they choose it. Stability within a company can't be guaranteed either, what with economic uncertainty and the unknown phenomena that is Brexit. So how can you bulletproof yourself in your role and secure your position until you are ready to move on? We've pulled together some top tips to help you.

Do amazing work

Seems obvious really, but so many people think that mediocre work is enough to keep them in employment. Not anymore, particularly if your company is cost cutting. You need to go above and beyond on a daily basis to prove you add value to an organisation.

Become an expert

People always turn to experts when there are challenges or problems that need to be solved. If you can become an expert in a field that your business needs, then you are much more likely to be protected because you are useful when the axe is falling.

Don't be a nightmare

This means making your boss' life easier and not being high maintenance. You know the sort we mean - the person who's always complaining or getting into arguments with colleagues or are just a give off a negative vibe. Redundancy time is the perfect chance for those people to be shown the door. The same goes for the office gossip. Understand the politics in your office, but don't be known as someone who plays office politics or who gossips. 

Stay visible

This means making sure your boss and colleagues know who you are and the value you add to the team. You can make yourself visible in a variety of effective ways, from how you dress to how you behave in meetings. If you create a good perception of yourself, you are less likely to be let go. 

Professional development

Investing time in your own professional development will help you become a more valuable asset. Define your career aspirations, create a career development plan and then share this information with your boss and ask for his or her help and support.

Remember, it is much easier to find a new job when you are already employed, so by bulletproofing your current role, you are future-proofing yourself whether you want to stay with your organisation or eventually move to fresh pasture