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So after 16 years, I'm leaving Direct Recruitment

By on 12.10.16 in News

So after 16 years, I'm leaving Direct Recruitment. I've interviewed just over a thousand candidates, worked with hundreds of clients, found countless people jobs and worked with some amazing colleagues. 

I'm having a grown up gap year. I sort of forgot to take one in my excitement to get to university, and now seems the right time before I have to make secondary school applications for my eldest! So in 2 weeks we are off to Seville for a year. 

I hadn't realised just how much would be involved: plenty of admin, removals, banks, schools, bureaucracy (Lord the bureaucracy).

I've had quite a therapeutic time clearing out the house. I'm on first name terms with staff in the local charity shops. 

There are times when I wonder what on earth I was thinking. Leaving a perfectly good job. Putting myself through a not unreasonable amount of incremental stress. Uprooting my children who are currently very happy and settled actually. Moving to a country where we currently have no friends. 

And then I think of wine and tapas and beaches and mountains and the joys of learning a new language and oh it's 22 degrees in Seville today. And then I think maybe we might just be ok. 

So will you be ok, all my lovely clients and candidates? Of course you will. I'm leaving you in the very capable hands of Sarah Bloomfield (CRM people) and Becky Postlethwaite (Integrated and Digital).  So if you are looking for great new members of your team, or a new job, they'd love to hear from you.