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why choose us?

Whether you're a candidate or a client, choosing the right recruiter to work with is a crucial decision, so why choose us?

When Direct Recruitment started the world was a different place; direct marketing was still pretty new, the internet didn't exist, quick communication was by fax and specialist recruiters were few and far between.

Direct Recruitment was set up with a genuine passion to be a new, different type of recruiter and to treat candidates and clients in a better way. 

We wanted to be a recruiter that clients trusted to only send through people who we had interviewed face to face and who fitted their brief. 

In fact we promise that we'd rather send no one than someone who isn't on brief. 

We really value our candidates, we listen to what they want to do, make the right match for them and prepare and present them in a way that our introduction gave them a head start in the process. And it worked!

Today we're stronger than ever, specialising in digital and integrated marketing as well as DM, and these founding client and candidate values are still at the core of our business.  

It comes as no surprise that over half our candidates have worked with us before or have been recommended to talk to us, and our clients continually rely on us to help them find the best people for their roles, be it permanent or freelance. 

So, whether you're new to Direct Recruitment, or someone we've worked with in the past, let's talk!


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