Conquering Interview Fatigue: Top Tips for Landing Your Dream Role


Conquering Interview Fatigue: Top Tips for Landing Your Dream Role

Posted on 17 May 2024

Conquering Interview Fatigue: Top Tips for Landing Your Dream RoleFinding that new dream job can be hard work! Not only to do you have to construct a winning CV and then wade through the plethora of vacancies, but you also have to prep for the interviews – it can be exhausting.

This said, if you’re truly committed to making that important next move then you do have to have a plan and put in work.If we could give any pointers that might help you if you are job hunting they would be:

  1. Make time to review your career and achievements to put together a winning CV.

  2. Be considered in your choices and don’t apply for anything and everything just because the salary offered looks good. Take time to think – “What are you really looking for?”

  3. Plan ahead, make time for interviews and do your research – this is not always easy when you’re currently in a busy job, but be prepared.

  4. Think about some of the questions you might be asked such as“So why do you want to work for us?”“What projects are you most proud of”. This way you have some well-constructed and credible responses.

  5. Stay calm and focussed!You want to be fully engaged and answering questions succinctly and to the point.Make it clear to the interviewer just how interested you are in the job and their company.

  6. Be positive and confident and think about your unique skills and what it is about you that might make any company want you on board.

  7. Remember it is a two-way street so have questions to ask the interviewer about the company, the role and the prospects. Is this really the dream role you are looking for?

  8. Let your natural passion, enthusiasm and personality shine through.Remember this and the road will be smoother. And you will find that dream role!

We are here to help – whether it be getting your CV ready, advising you on which roles and companies could be good for you or chatting through interview preparation. We can help every step of the way.

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