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  • Five star service

    ​I really enjoyed working with Hayley at Direct Recruitment. I'm more than aware that some recruitment agencies see candidates as ways to earn a commission, but that's not the case with Direct Recruitment. Their willingness to actively listen and determine what I want from a role sets them apart: there's no hard-sell or desperation in throwing roles that aren't a good match. Instead, I was shown roles that were closely matched to what I was seeking, and I was able to be honest and open with my feelings. Direct Recruitment did a great job in landing me a role at a great agency, providing support throughout with professionalism and a great eye for detail. Five star service - would recommend! 

  • Key Partner

    ​Phillipa has been a key partner for us in finding the right talent we need to build out our ever-growing team. She has a great understanding of what specialist needs we have and makes sure any candidates she puts forward are relevant in terms of skillsets but also in terms of cultural fit.

  • Communication second to none

    ​Philippa and her team have been excellent throughout my recent application journey. Their communication was second to none, and consistently offered added support throughout what can be a long and challenging interview process. I always felt they put my best interests first, and they have been a critical component in me taking a significant step forward in my career.

  • Honest, friendly and enthusiastic

    ​Meeting my consultant at Direct Recruitment was very refreshing - she was candid, friendly and enthusiastic. She has managed to place me in not one, but two roles over the years, both of which matched my expectations and experience. And Direct Recruitment are very good at offering honest feedback.

  • Tailored service

    ​I’ve got my 4 of my 5 last positions through Direct Recruitment. They have always been great at really listening to what I’m looking for which makes the process really tailored - no time is wasted on interviews for jobs that aren’t right for you. I honestly haven’t used another agency in the last 10 years – their service is so good I’ve had no need to look elsewhere.

  • Number one choice

    ​Direct Recruitment are the number one choice for me. They take time to get to know their candidates, they know the industry and they know their stuff. They have a great instinct for matching roles to people. They see beyond your CV and also offer sensible practical advice at what can be a stressful time.

  • Quality candidates

    Working with Direct Recruitment was a real pleasure. They came back to me with a quality list of candidates within a week and the whole process was done and dusted within a month. At all times they were quick to respond to any requests I had and dealt professionally with any hurdles that developed during the recruitment process. Above all, they were patient and good-natured. Would highly recommend the agency to any prospective clients.

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